Result of Quota Admission - Software Engineering - Round 3/2017 Featured

5 July 2017, 12:00 am
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Result of Quota Admission (Round 3/2017)

B.Eng. in Software Engineering
International College, KMITL


The applicants of the quota admission of the B.Eng. in Software Engineering Program (Round 3/2017) whose names are listed below have been admitted for entry to the program in Academic Year 2017.

Application ID Title First Name Last Name Result
901360 Mr. Chow-Ching Jim Admitted
901398 Mr. Arun Koeri Admitted
901433 Mr. Kittathat Jaruchaikul Admitted
901436 Mr. Jitphanu Taerattanachai Admitted
901451 Ms. Saraporn Suranuntchai Admitted
901468 Mr. Thossakrai Nakkasem Admitted
901481 Mr. Yingting Long Admitted

The following applicant who was on the waiting list has now been admitted.

Application ID Title First Name Last Name Result
901362 Mr. Fa-is Dejpolrungrueang Admitted


All admitted applicants are required to confirm their intent to enroll by completing the form at

Please follow the instructions on the page, print out the payment form, and proceed to pay the tuition fee for the first semester (75,000 THB) at an applicable bank. This can be done during 10 - 13 July 2017, 09.00 - 16.00. Failure to submit the enrollment confirmation form and make a full payment of the tuition fee during the specified period will result in the withdrawal from admission.

For all enquiries regarding the admission and payment, please contact the International College at Tel: 02 329 8261, 02 329 8260 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..