2019 Annual International College Freshmen Welcoming Camp in Rayong

4 February 2019, 7:51 am
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Figure 1. Group photo of 2019 International Freshmen Welcoming Camp participants

Each year, International College’s sophomores are appointed to manage one of the biggest International College student activities: The International College Freshmen Welcoming Camp (in Thai: ค่ายรับน้อง). This year, the event was carried out at Villa Ravadee, Rayong Province, from January 11, 2019 to January 13, 2019.

While the second-year students organized all the matters for the camp, students from all academic years from both Software Engineering (SE) program and Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) program flocked together, enlivened the camp to its liveliest.

The camp, lasted for three days and two nights, was filled with group activities, such as many cooperative games, walking rally and junior-senior rendezvous which is called The Blessing Ceremony (พิธีบายศรี).

This kind of annual event encourages first-year newcomers to get to know more about their classmates and International College students from earlier generations. By having joint activities and games, students will develop their skills and capabilities in problem solving, time management, working in limitations and working in team, too.



Figure 2. The Blessing Ceremony on the first night

The main spotlight of the event was held in the first night: The Blessing Ceremony. It is a kind of Thai culture, to welcome new generation of students into a faculty. Freshmen sat in lines, with their eyes closed and candles were put in front of each of them. Any senior then could approach any freshmen, to introduce themselves and to ask how the newcomers are going with their life in International College. Juniors were free to request seniors to share their strategies to adapt with International College’s academic environment and social life. After the chat finished, the senior wished the juniors a good luck in accomplishing their following semesters and a welcoming sign, symbolically by attaching them one string bracelet.

Overall, students enjoyed the whole series of social activities in this welcoming camp. In these ways, it is hoped that new members of International College would maintain a strong relationship with each other and would eager to study in the International College in a joyful mood.

Written by Damian Satya Wibowo, student in B.Eng. In Software Engineering, International College, KMITL.

Source: Napop Soontrapong and Arut Jinadit