International College Byenior 2019: Say Farewell to International College Students, Class of 2015

18 February 2019, 7:13 am
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Figure 1. International College Byenior 2019 Official Poster

Figure 2. International College Graduating Students, Class of 2015

The second semester of the academic year is the last semester for fourth-year students to study in the International College’s Software Engineering Program or Engineering and Technology Management Program. They are expected to finish their bachelor education period in this June, and graduate in the upcoming October/November.

The turn for senior students from class of 2015 (SE gen. 7/ETM gen. 1) to look forward to graduation has come. As a congratulation, we celebrate their success after struggling in a four-year journey pursuing the bachelor’s degree.

To accommodate that, IC students managed an in-advance farewell night called “International College (IC) Byenior 2019”. The word “byenior” is a contraction from the words “goodbye” and “senior”.



IC Byenior was held on Saturday, 2 February 2019, from 6 PM to 10 PM at Zenith Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Chosen third-year students initiated and ran this gathering, invited all International College members to join. On the day, around eighty students from first to fourth year from both majors took part in this event.

The theme adopted in IC Byenior 2019 was “Casino Night”, although no real casino was involved. As a subtheme, “Get seven times lucky” concept was reflected in the number of prizes awarded. Five prizes were given to participants who are considered outstanding by voters in the party. Three of such, namely King of Byenior, Queen of Byenior, and Gift Heart (popular vote), were granted to three seniors; meanwhile the remaining two (Prince of Byenior, Princess of Byenior) were given to two non-seniors. The last two prizes came from two mini card games.

To enliven the party even more and record memories into seniors’ hearts, two videos prepared by juniors, sophomores and freshmen were played at the near-end. The first video was a congratulatory music video featuring the song Toom Yoo Nai Jai (ทุ้มอยู่ในใจ) by Kao Jirayu (เก้า จิรายุ) and Nat Natcha (แนท ณัฐชา), lip-synced by fellow juniors. Next on, seniors were shown a slideshow video of pictures of themselves and their classmates during 2015-2019, to refresh their memories on their sweet past.

Overall, every participant had a positive view on IC Byenior 2019, including the delicacy served. Afterwards, there is a hope that the night becomes a good memory for the ones graduating when they look back into their university days. Moreover, let
them always be successful in their work/study life in the future.

Written by Damian Satya Wibowo, student in B.Eng. In Software Engineering, International College, KMITL.

Source: Natpawee Rojanamethin, Supichaya Boondol

Images: IC Byenior Photography Team